Thursday, September 04, 2008

San Diego - Things with Chlorophyll

When I was down in San Diego we went to the San Diego Zoo. The thing I love most about this zoo is that it's also an amazing botanical garden. I don't really even care much if I see the animals. I could just wander around taking photos of the beautiful plants. So I did.


More hibiscus

Not a botanical, but I thought this cart was picturesque.

Even more hibiscus

And just one more. Well, two more.

Don't know the name of this plant that grows on the trunk of a tree. Something like staghorn fern maybe?

Ferns and sunlight high above my head.

There's a lot of varieties of bamboo. Not all of it has graffiti on it. This patch did and I could have been upset but it was sort of cool too.

I loved the light shining through these huge fronds.

Paper lanterns hanging high in a tree near the front entrance. I assume they light up at night.

I would have taken more photos but alas, my camera batteries gave out on me. I did actually take photos of family and animals as well while I my camera still worked. You can check them out San Diego Zoo - Things with Feet at Beach Treasure.


KayEllen said...

lovely photos!
That hibiscus is wonderful with the purple center.

Thanks for sharing,


joanne said...

the light coming through the fronds is so lovely, very abstract.

Susie Q said...

Oh how we loved the zoo. We lived in San Diego for a year many years ago. It was such fun. My brother and sis in law just returned from a trip to LA and SD and had the best time.
Thee photos were just lovely! You have such a great eye.

"Maggie" said...

Love the photos of hibiscus, one of my most favorite flowers. We have two varieties in our back yard.

My hubby suggested trying out various colors but then I end up undecided and have the camo look too. LOL My guess is it will end up an antique white. Basic and boring!