Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Since I've let an entire week slip by without posting, I just thought I should check in with a "Hi, I'm still breathing!" (Although, not well, hubby gave me a end-of-summer bug and my sinuses are now all messed up again. GRRRRR. Argh!)

I'm not actually posting now either. Well, I suppose it looks like I'm posting. You're reading words I've typed if I follow through and click on "Publish Post" on this silly update.

I managed to make a moderate amount of space in the middle of that insane mess in my studio. I'd like to have cleaned it up more because it's still not easy to move around or find things, but I just needed to get to work so I did what I had to do to get in there and the rest will have to wait. I'm working on Sweet and Sinister Swap goodies so I don't have any photos to share, but it feels really, really good to actually be working on something.

Since you made the effort to stop by, the least I can do is offer you a few photographs for your viewing pleasure.

The morning glories are so pretty. But why do they insist on only flourishing in my vegetable garden instead of in other parts of the garden where I wish they'd grow?

My granddaughter has a very important blankie. She has a tough time when it's in the wash or hanging on the clothes line. So my daughter-in-law made her this replacement blankie for emergency fill-ins. The real blankie is in purples, but this one shares the soft multiple fabric textures.

I have a bumper crop from the apple tree this year. They're falling everywhere and sometimes I find a fallen apple speared on the oddest things - the edge of a rake or the top of a garden ornament. I have to find time both to pick up the fallen apples and compost them and to pick the apples still on the tree and put them up. I'll probably freeze them for pies and cobblers. If I can find the time and energy.

It seems so hard to find time these days for anything. I miss the "good ol' days" when the kids and I were homeschooling, schedules were something other people worried about, and we spent the end of summer and autumn in the garden and kitchen with harvesting tasks. There wasn't any extra money to go anywhere or plan anything, so we didn't. Sometimes what seems like a burden has some blessings wrapped up in the same package. The good ol' days probably weren't as rosy tinted as I'm painting them with my nostalgia, but I do think I was more focused back when our world revolved around our home and everyone was still living in it. I also think that it's a sure bet some day I'll look back on now and remember it as "the good ol' days" too.

Okay, I guess we can go ahead and officially call this a post. But now I'm off to get some more coffee and get back to work on my swap goodies. Hopefully I won't let another week pass before I have something to share.


kayellen said...

Hi Laume!
It is always a pleasure to stop by your blog:) It's funny the older I get I feel the same way...time is slipping away right before my eyes!
My toddlers are teenagers! Help!
Where did the time go?
Thankyou for sharing from your heart:)


Tess said...

Love the photo's you post. I've come to call morning glories the "eeeevil" vines. *chuckle* Could never get them to grow in WI or MI where I'm from but here in LA they are truly eeevil. They consume everything in the gardens if we let them.

Hope you feel better soon.
Teach Only Love
Be Only Love

Laume said...

Tess, you don't have a link on your name, so I can't follow you back. Do I know you from....?... Or did you just wander in while strolling through Bloglandia? I find the most interesting people that way. I'm another transplanted Midwesterner (from WI and MN, not MI) now living in California.

Tess said...

I don't have a blog anywhere and yes, I found you just linking through somewhere from around "Wardrobe Reconstruction" maybe? I too, have met the most interesting people through the internet and slogging through blogging. Where exactly are you from then? tesswhitecrow@yahoo.com if you prefer. :)

Teach Only Love
Be Only Love