Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The best laid plans....

For the last four or five days I've gone to bed convined I was going to get up the next morning and spend the entire day in the studio. Knowing that first, I'd be mucking it out. But then moving on to beautiful creations. One thing and then another detoured me each day. William needed a butler and personal assistant while he elevated his injured foot. The family ran out of clean laundry. People complained of being hungry during what's known to many as "dinner time". The phone rang. The dog whined at the door. The temperatures dropped (which was lovely), requiring the lone eggplant and some valiant tomatoes be harvested. People showed up at my doorstep. The television news distracted me.... And so on.

I wasn't terribly frustrated because I thought that once I got started, cleaning up the studio would only take an hour, two at most. This is what the studio looks like:

Hmmmm, I hope you weren't trying to drink anything when you looked at those photos. Maybe I should have given a spew alert. Yeah, delusional me thought that room would only take a quick twitch of my nose and it would be ready to work in. (I only feel brave enough to show these photos because I've shown other photos of it when it was functional proving that it doesn't ALWAYS look like this.)

You can't blame me completely for my insanity. The first layer of all that mess is mostly a huge amount of blankets and oversized pillows from the bed and from the washing machine after our camping trip. And beneath all that bedding there's a giant oversized storage tub where a lot of those extra blankets get stored. So the size of the mess is inflated. The rest of the mess is, well, creative mess from pre-faery festival work and all the boxes of craft supplies or miscellaneous I want to paint or use or fix or turn into something else which I've gathered up about the house and put in there.

Yesterday I finally managed to get into the studio. The first order of business, so I could even walk in there, was to deal with the bedding. Which meant clearing off the bed (a lot of those boxes were originally on the bed, I had already moved them off before I thought to snap those photos) so I could remake it and put all the pillows up there. Clearing off the bed was as far as I got before I ended up abandoning the project because of some distraction, the nature of which eludes me now. While I was off saving children from a burning building or teaching bees to read or whatever it was that I was doing, the cats found the door to the studio open and took their chance to invade the forbidden territory. With everything on the floor there was no way for me to even get back in there to shoo them all out, so who knows what extra damage I'll find to the area when I get back in there today.

At least, that's my best laid plan. To get back in there today.

Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Hey thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the coastal Hurricane! We got lucky this time. No damage and no flooding! Good luck on your studio!! hugs