Monday, September 22, 2008

I never did get around to putting this great swap button up in my sidebar. Nontheless, I've been a busy, busy little witch today, wrapping up (literally wrapping up, by this evening), my projects for the Sweet and Sinister Swap. I had not one, but two partners. I thought I'd missed the swap and so me and another swapper from last year that also missed this year's deadline decided to partner up with each other. Then Kari let me know she'd put me on a waiting list and before I could barely thank her, she'd found me a partner.

I thought easy peasy, I'd just make double of things. It didn't turn out to be that simple as my partners were very different ladies with different interests and lifestyles. But I loved the challenge of creating a box that, hopefully, will be special for each of them. It was a lot of fun having an excuse to do a lot of shopping and thrifting and hunting for unique items. The last week I've been working on the projects I wanted to make.

I hit another challenge when I hunted high and low, left and right, in and out, and couldn't find the special box of Halloween crafting supplies I very carefully packed away all in one place so that this year I could use it all for just this purpose. ARGH!!!!! And it's not like I can just hop on over to Michael's or some other craft shop here in our tiny town. Nope, I had to do something far more difficult - I had to be CREATIVE and I had to IMPROVISE. That, and I did run out and get a few of the more Halloween themed bits and pieces from what I could find at the local Walmart. I'm very pleased with what I made but still, I'm bummed I couldn't find my box of extra goodies. I'm sure I'll find the box as soon as I mail off my packages. I guess I'll be ready for a new swap next year.

Tomorrow I'll get the second box packed up and then I'll be ready to mail them off to places east. I took lots of photos and I can't wait to show them to you, but you'll have to wait until the recipients get to unwrap them first.

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