Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy with holiday chaos but I thought I'd throw up Part II of the ball exhibit pics. A reader and spokesperson for Seaport Village, Boardwalk Betty, was kind enough to let me know that this is actually part of a traveling exhibit called Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet.

I only got to see a small fraction of the globes but this was one of my favorite of the ones I did see.

This one with a rainforest canopy was beautiful.

There's a small park peninsula that juts out from the shop area. I've never actually managed to walk out there, usually because we run out of time. This day was no different. But I wish I could have seen all the balls that circled the walkway.

Here we are walking by the beginning of that area..... sigh.

I think I'll have to say this one was my personal fave, although it wasn't very globe shaped once the artist finished with it. But what's not to love about a vegetable man! It reminds me of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's strange portraits of flower and vegetable people. Joli was fascinated with him.

And since we love our vegetables, we had to give him kisses. I think Joli threw in a hug as well.


Sarah said...

Those globes look great-especially the vegetable man. I love that churchyard too-there's something magical about it and, as you say, great for photos. I couldn't find your photos on flickr-what is your name on there? Will have another go!
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year.
Sarah x

Meomio said...

Those are so kewl!!!

Susie Q said...

These are amazing! I oved seeing this.


KayEllen said...

Happy New Years flickr friend!!
Love that picture of you and your granddaughter!!!
so cute!
Blessing in the new year:)