Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm working on those wrist warmers. The yarn I'm using is four small skeins of 100% wool I picked up at the thrift shop. The first wristwarmer (once I got it started right) went well except that I discovered there were a lot of stretched thin areas on the yarn where I had to overlap or put in a knot. The knots don't show on the outside but I can see where they don't allow the yarn to stretch normally in a couple of spots. After I finished it I wondered if I should have knotted a few more of those thin spots. Well, too late now. One nice thing, the one wrist warmer used up exactly one skein.

So I moved on to a second skein and the second wrist warmer. This one went a lot faster and I noticed the yarn had no weak sections in it, unlike the first skein I worked with. I was only a few inches from finishing it when I pulled out the first warmer to lay them side by side and admire my handiwork. That's when I noticed. The two weren't quite the same color!

It's very subtle but it's not my imagination. Can you see it? The top one is more a sage grey, the bottom is more a blue grey. ARGH!

The good news is that the other two skeins match the yarn that was in better condition (the blue grey), the single bad skein (sage grey) I used first, is the only one that doesn't match. So I can make a third wrist warmer and end up with a matching pair.

Now what do I do with the lone mismatch?

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Pherenike said...

Perhaps it could be a puppy neck warmer. No, even better, a little mug cozy for your cup of tea or coffee! Brilliant! I reckon you could market and sell this idea, you'd be the next big thing on etsy. LOl