Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's time to announce the winners of my One World One Heart giveaways. I used a very unusual method for finding the winners. First I asked hubby if he wanted to pick the numbers. I asked him to randomly pick three numbers between 1 and 216. I thought he wasn't random enough (which he argued was the point of BEING random, that there was no discernable pattern - of course being his wife, I disagreed) so then I decided to use an online random number generator which also gave rather unrandom (at least in my opinion) numbers (shut up, my husband was NOT right!) and then I decided it was obvious that the meant-to-be numbers were the numbers halfway between Hubby's choices and the random generator's choices.

So I subtracted the lower number of each pair from the higher number of each pair, found the middle (rounding up if it wasn't dividable by two) and then subtracted THAT number from the highest number of the pair. Yes, I did that entire process four times. Three times here and once on my other blog. I dare anyone to tell me they used a more confusing or complicated way of selecting their winners! But, the numbers felt right.

My work wasn't finished, then I had to count, count, count through the comments. And the winners are.....

Winner of the box of crafting goodies is PattiV of 7 Rose Petal Path. From the look of her blog, I bet she'll find a use for all her new bits and bobs.

Two bloggers won a celtic window cling each -

Karen Klomparens of Fire-n-Sand Glass Art: The Journey.


Michelle of Mosaic Queen.

Congratulations to all three of you!

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