Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've been feeling a bit drained the last couple of days. I think I'm fighting off the cold that both William and Hubby are enjoying. Mostly what I wish I was doing was reading. I don't feel poorly enough to actually sit around and do nothing but read, but I sure wish I was. Sitting around reading that is. Not the feeling poorly part. That tends to backfire. Last time I was sick, it was with a migraine and I couldn't open my eyes much less read for two days. Ugh.

I did finish a lovely book about Paris tonight. Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik. So I thought I'd offer some "reading art" for your viewing pleasure. All photos from assorted Paris museums. You'll recognize the first artist, the others I'm not sure of. Next time I'm gonna save time and space on my memory cards for snapping photos of the descriptive plaques. Promise. Pinky Swear.






I have a particular fondness for paintings of people reading. I have a fondness for kitschy reading garden gnomes and reading faeries sculptures and reading figurines of any kind too. I have a reading witch, a reading turtle, a reading gnome, a reading faery, reading angels.... hmmm, I didn't realize I had a sort of collection going. I should go around the house and yard and count them some day.


This last one isn't a painting. Just a Paris street scene, in the Sorbonne area. I saw this woman reading and knew in an alternate life, that could be me. Of course, I've had many lovely reading moments of my very own. And of course there's no reason I can't have a Paris reading moment still. The future is open to possibilities.

Do you remember any particularly memorable reading moments in your life?


Walker Lady said...

I do, I do!!! "Ride a Pale Horse" is book one of a series that I've been reading through, throughout the years. It opened my eyes to a different way to think about life, death, and how outside influences (gods) might affect our lives.

I often say "Fate" had a hand in something. When I do, I picture the character named Fate, in these books.

The series covers such 'influences' as death, fate, war, time, etc. I have started re-reading the series as several new additions have come out in the past eight years. lol

Sarah said...

I love reading too but have done less and less since the art took over again. I used to think that I went through cycles and either felt creative or wanted to read. I think I have changed and now want to do both but run out of time. I am trying to remember memorable reading moments and I cannot remember anything specific. What I do remember though from when I was a child is the smell of book paper(different types obviously smell different!) and the thrill of getting a new book. I still love the smell of books and magazines today. Hope you found some time to read.