Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My daughter-in-law got her box in the mail from me today that had her Yule gift in it. Only two months overdue, but think of it this way - most people get far fewer gifts in February than they do in December, so it makes it extra special. Right? She really liked her gift.

And now I can show you a photo. Here they are -

And in case you are wondering what "they" are (teeny tiny quilts for mice? Hot pads for a child size Easy Bake Oven?), here's another photo of one doing it's job.

Coasters! They match the art quilt I made them for their wedding that they have hanging on their living room wall. They entertain friends at home a lot, and so when Lisa mentioned she was down to one unbroken (thanks to Joli the helpful two year old) coaster, I knew just what to do with some of all those extra little squares I had cut waiting for another project.

You can see photos of the coasters and some of the other goodies in the box, as well as the art quilt, and of course the adorable Joli, on Lisa's blog today. And if you want to see more rainbow colors, check out my post on Beach Treasure today.

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Sarah said...

Hi Laume,
They are sweet little coaster quilts. Very pretty.
Thanks for your kind words too. I really appreciate them.
Sarah x