Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Faerie Wings - Part II

I liked these long, sheer, drapey wings.

Same wings, seen with the sun behind them. It really picks up the lacy pattern.

Rainbow colors and lots of swirls, dips, and added winglets.

These were probably store bought but it looks like someone added some sparklies on this young faery's wings.

These autumn faeries had the most glorious wings! Lots of people took photos of these two but I think my photo, with the sun caught in the top of their wings, was one of the best.

Wings don't have to be large to catch one's interest. Aren't these sheer rainbow colored mini wings wonderful! And they were light enough to wear on a strapless frame that fit inside the back of her outfit - a big plus to smaller wings!

More simple but pretty wings. I liked the leaf shape and color and the deep red roses. And I liked the black sheer lace on the other pair. Oh, love those spiderweb stockings as well!

Dramatic, punky, matching young women in contrasting colors. They must come from the same faery tribe.

Some people wore wings in different places than their back. A few had wings on their head, hat or ears. A few had them on their chest or on a wand. Some didn't have wings at all (or....maybe their wings were just INVISIBLE! This faery gent had wings on his face! And hey, isn't this just a great photo! (Here, let me toot my own horn a few more times - TOOT TOOT!)

Another pair of a that new style I mentioned yesterday that combines a natural veining look with a sheer form and no outer framework. The wings look delicate but someone let me touch theirs and they are actually quite sturdy. This particular pair was possibly my favorite wings of the entire festival.

Adorable costume and fantastic wings but boy oh boy, I sure don't envy her limited maneuverability. That's a lot of width from wing tip to wing tip to keep track of while walking through the crowds. Even with my smaller wings, which I kept within or just an inch or two past my shoulder width, I quickly learned to do the "fairy twist" where one twisted sideways to pass by in a crowded space so you wouldn't clip someone with your wings, or even "lock" wings with someone.

Part III tomorrow.

Over at Beach Treasure today I've treated you to a bit of whining and to make up for that, a handful of photos of pretty Paris street scenes.

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