Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is a Lookee What I Got! post. I went to the local thrift shop a couple times since I've been back from the faery festival, for no other reason than I had some real cash in my pocket and you have to pay cash at the shop.

The first time I went they had just set out a big box of old jewelry. I picked through it all and bought all this for fifty cents a pair. I got some really pretty pieces for whatever I want to use them for. I thought that was a pretty good deal. But then I went back again and....

..... the person minding the shop said that no one was really buying them so if I wanted the rest of it, I could have it all. For free. It's a charity shop, so I offered to pay something. I got all the rest of this for one dollar. It's mostly just bright colors and shiny metal but there's a few really good finds, like a vintage Christmas pin I really like and my favorite, a wee little cowbell. ("We need more cowbell!")

And then I asked her how much the real silver and china tray was that the old jewelry was sitting in and she sold me that for $2!!

Other goodies. I got this cute little pillow. You can see a little bit of how shimmery it is in the photo. Depending on which way the light hits it it looks purple or blue. In other words, periwinkle, my favorite color blue. I kept the tag sticking out because I know a lot of you would like the name - it's a company called Bella. I don't know how much it cost me, maybe a quarter.

This is a cute little appointment book with scenes of Paris on it. It's in good shape, even had a working pen with it. The inside calendar and note papers had been used but they have the replacement stacks at Walmart. It was kinda fun though, it was obviously owned by a teenager and it was chock full of embarrassingly personal notes and messages - who she loves forever, who she hates forever, what one friend was trying to do to break up her and her boyfriend who she loves beyond measure (but later in the year apparently hates more than time itself). LOL. It made for some very entertaining reading.

I got about a dozen of this little silvery swirly thingies. I think they were for a wedding, they have these really lame paper hearts tied to the ends. I plan to take the hearts off, or maybe just use them as background, and add all sorts of things like spiders or skulls or whatnot for the S&S swap. Mwahahahahaha.

I saved my favorite for last - these adorable wee witch shoes. I put my tiny owl on there to give you an idea of how small these boots (real leather!) are - my owl is maybe 3" tall. Aren't they sweet! They're a bit dusty and I'm not sure if I like them like that or want to clean them up a bit so they're shiny and black. I have to come up with a clever way to display them this year. Any ideas?


Giggles said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me here to all your fairy yumminess!! Beautiful photos I love them!! Great thrift store finds, especially the witches boots! Don't you just love Halloween!!

Peace Giggles

joanne said...

we can always use more cowbell!

Creative Vignettes said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those witch shoes, and I'm nutty about owls. Check my faves on Flickr. Owls are on every page!