Wednesday, August 06, 2008

After a couple of frantic last days to finish sewing, pack, and go, we left Thursday early for Faerieworlds 2008 and had a FANTASTIC time! We were back late Monday night and yesterday was devoted to catching up on sleep and laundry, taking care of problems that arose while we were gone (can't take my eyes off things for a moment it seems!), unpacking, and uploading photos.

I put up a post on Beach Treasure today, concentrating on photos of all of us in our assorted outfits and finery. I should probably have saved that for this blog as it shows the last of my refashioning and sewing but, oh well, I'll just send you over there.

Here's just one pic I didn't use over there to give you a tease. Here's my daughter-in-law Lisa modeling the faery hair pieces I made for her for Bad Faery Day. She looked so cute in them. I contributed the gloves as well and she did a fantastic job making the rest of her outfit.

There were a lot of vendors and lots of wonderful art at the festival. I took a zillion photos. Almost 800 actually!!! But not of other people's art of course. I didn't take any photos in people's booths at all unless I asked and that was primarily to show how they decorated their booths. I did bring home a lot of business cards though and as I have time to go through them and visit websites, I'll make sure to share my favorites with you.

But the art, the costumes, the wind in the many flags, the dancing, the happy children playing, the storytelling, the many wonderful souls I met have inspired me beyond description. Paris inspired me as well, but in a different way. Traveling makes me want to live my life artistically, surround myself with beauty and art in my home, garden, community, foods. On the other hand Faerieworlds forced me get into the studio and finish our faery garb. And now, having spent the weekend interacting directly with a lot of the singers, dancers, and artists, it makes me want to GET INTO THE STUDIO AND MAKE ART! I hope that I can hold onto this inspiration while I get through all the mundane tasks piled up in front of me at the moment.

Okay, so get outta here. Go check out the photos over at Beach Treasure. Pretty adorable stuff!

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