Monday, August 18, 2008

I've been sharing the bulk of my Faerieworld photos over on Beach Treasure, but I took a lot of photos of wings. A LOT of photos. I had no idea how many until I tried to upload them all here and realized I would have to break it down into three posts to share even the best of them! I decided to share the wing photos here as it's a reflection of the amazing artistic (and technical) talents and creativity of all the magical people who attended the festival. The majority of these people are not professional wing makers or even professional artists, but all of the wings (and outfits) were uniquely wonderful.

These transluscent wings were new this year, or at least they seemed so to me as I didn't spy any of them last year. They were perhaps my favorite new fae fashion.

I also liked the more natural wings. These are nice because I'm sure they're meant as camouflage in the faery's native surroundings.

A vendor was selling these incredible accordian pleated wings. They were very expensive and yet probably couldn't be sold for less because of he volume of fabric and the work involved in creating them. They were great for dancing and had the advantage of draping flat when not in use so that one could walk through a crowd without catching your wings on anything or anyone.

I liked the holes and the periwinkle blues of this pair. She was one of the few fae I saw in denim but it she made it work.

A variation on the accordian wing vendor was a vendor who made these stunning frayed, hand dyed full size dance wings. This is Sue from Gaia Consort showing off a pair. They also came in a smaller version for children but I think they'd be nice for adults as well who wanted something less voluminous. This was the one major cost item that I was really considering - she had a stunning pair in greens - but I behaved msyelf. I did bring home her business card though.

What's that Joli has? Oh dear! Looks like some faery shed their wings!

There were some amazingly complex wings but sometimes simple did the trick. These shimmery, plain wings looked lovely with her outfit. And were a nice contrast to her awesome rainbox color faery hair.

These wings were huge, very dramatic, but I wonder if she regretted their size as they just never seemed to perk up.

Hubby also had problems with his wings on Bad Faerie Day. It wasn't so much that they were too large as, they were too heavy. They kept twisting in the middle and hanging sideways, crooked, upside down. I didn't get a good photo of them in their proper alignment but even here you can see how beautiful they were. It's unfortunate that he had so many problems with them. He ultimately gave up and took them off. I think I can probably make a better rigging for them and he can give them a go again next year.

I thought these were pretty. I liked the how the vibrant colors were set off by the black.

I can tell these were store bought wings but even still, I thought they worked so well with her dress (which is so incredibly beautiful) that they were a good choice. Although, now that I'm thinking about the possibilities - that dress with something all wispy and stringy in the same colors .... ooooh!

Tomorrow, part II of this fascinating three part series on faerie wings. (I feel like I'm doing a documentary on faeries for the Discovery Channel or something!) If you need more Faerieworld photos before tomorrow, hop on over to Beach Treasure where I've put up photos today of all the other creatures and beings I captured with my camera lens.

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GreenishLady said...

Wow! I never really thought I might need a pair of wings until recently... and I think your pictures have a lot to do with that! Marvellous!