Friday, August 08, 2008

I didn't buy much at Faerieworlds this year. Well, not THAT much. I did do a little shopping, gotta support the vendors doncha know, if I want them to return with all their pretties and their shinies year after year. I showed you the necklace I bought. I also got some really cool handmade leggings (so I don't even have to use my Wardrobe Refashion Get Out of Jail card on it! HANDMADE!), a book of faery art, a little button (that has an artist's faery and the quote "Don't forget to wink back at the fireflies" on it), two beautiful polished stones, and the pieces below.

This is a small lino block print with a crow on it (love me my corvids!) called Night Song. It was made by a lovely artist and now a Faery friend, Katie Lennon. It's sitting atop my nightstand now so I can enjoy it while I hunt up the perfect frame and permanent location for it.

Here's Katie on the left with her wings unfolded. She shared a booth with two other great artists - Hawk (you can just seem him through Katie's wings, looking like he's about to karate chop a young girl), and Traci on the right. Unfortunately I couldn't find a link for either of them. Bummer.

The other piece of original art I bought was this faery fan. It has a pretty ribbon "tail" which I flipped up so you could see it in the photo. All the other fans were done in pale colors but this one was dressed up in passionate bright colors and I had to take her home.

She was made by this wonderful artist who, GRRRR, ARGHHH!, I do not know her name! Even though we had lovely long conversations both last year and this. Last year I bought another piece from her, a wee pirate girl necklace/mirror. She had completely different work available this year from last. In fact much of our conversation revolved around the process of moving on in one's art from one medium to another and the emotional identity we form around it and how it's not a small thing to move forward. I knew I wanted to buy something from her again this year. Perhaps next year she'll have moved on to even more wondrous work.

She travels with her two daughters (isn't that just a treasure!) and last year their booth was this amazing gypsy tent done in deep reds and golds. This year they had an entirely new look with an airy woodland booth with sheer walls and lots of green. Did you see her leafy umbrella in the photo above? Same wonderful sign above the entrance however.

I couldn't find a link for her online either. I recall last year she said she wasn't even ON line. I don't know if that's changed since then. Anyone know this artist and can tell me her name?

I won't show the book I bought but it was a book of fairy art of the artist Maxine Gadd. Some of her fae were a bit too mystical pretty looking for my tastes, although others were really wonderful. I liked her baby fae art but her spellmakers and witches were my favorites. It was nice to talk directly to the artist. I didn't stay long, I'd gone off to wander and I knew people were probably starting to wonder if I was coming back. Maybe next time I'll be able to chat with her longer.

Jessica Galbreth was there with her prints as well. I browsed them a bit but had a moment of shyness (me?! I know, too wierd, huh!) and didn't say anything to her because all I could think of to say was "I love your work" gush, gush and that just seemed lame. I was standing talking to someone with their grandson (I presume) and Brian Froud came up and joined the conversation. Not because I was standing there of course, he obviously knew the man I was talking too, but it was still cool. And I wandered by the Froud's tent and chatted for a quick minute with Toby Froud. It's not that I get terribly starstruck as a general rule, but it's still such a treat to talk to creative and artistic people in REAL LIFE. Or, I suppose, this wasn't in real life, this was in the faery realm, where anything is possible.

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