Saturday, August 30, 2008

I was away visiting my kids in San Diego. Thought I'd be blogging from down there but their wi-fi was down so instead I just disappeared on everyone for a week - sorry 'bout that. I'm back.

Just a few photos of interesting things from Coronado Island.

I loved the unusual lines on this window. The rest of the house was a bit shabby but really neat as well, unfortunately I didn't get a good photo of it.

We split a sandwich in this little deli downtown Coronado. They had these interesting chandeliers, three of them if I recall, which I really liked a lot but also couldn't help but think if they ever fell, they'd impale someone!

I was looking for turquoise for this week's color theme for Shades of Inspiration. Here's a really pretty home with a turquoise colored door and window.

Another pretty turquoise door in the same neighborhood.

While my son drove up above the bay on the Coronado Bridge I snapped a couple photos. Lots of pretty boats floating down below.

If you want to see photos of the granddaughter and other cute and related beings, hop on over to Beach Treasure.


Belita Rose said...

That's a pretty good pic of the bay! Most people can't get it in the car!

Janet said...

Don't you just love Coronado? I was fortunate enough to stay at the Hotel Del for 6 days in the winter of '07 complements of my hubbies company. I wandered from one end of the island to the other every day and wore holes in my shoes (not really, but I did walk a lot). I just love all the houses and the neighborhoods, but the prices ...not so much!! Maybe I should go back to take pictures for my blog..could I write it off somehow??

Thanks for stopping by.