Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Faerieworlds - Wings Part III

This lady seemed surprised I wanted to take her photo. Yes, her outfit was on the simple side, but how can one resist black and white polka dots! And her wings matched her dress and then she added red feathers. I want an outfit like this just to wear to the supermarket on any old day. Wouldn't you feel cheerful just wearing it?

This was one of the girls that "our Victoria" hooked up with on the last day. Three young beauties, they wandered about giggling and getting their photo snapped. This girl, well, young woman (sorry, I'm old, I might call you a girl if you're under 30) had these gorgeous swallowtail butterfly style wings that stood out from all the way across the festival.

Here's Victoria in some goregous lunar moth style wings. The wingmaker was a vendor at the festival who asked Victoria to walk around modeling them. It really finished off her costume beautifully.

I loved the soft shimmery wings and the shimmery soft dress as well. I'm thinking of making one of my outfits something along these lines for next year. Maybe not these colors, but this soft raggedy look.

Oh, who's this wee fae in the feather rimmed wings dragging her blankie around? My Joli! She's worn these wings for two years now. She also had some little red, black and orange ones for her Bad Faerie Day outfit.

Another drapey sheer set I liked, particularly the detailed cut along the edges.

Sort of hard to separate out from the crowd here but, there are four young girls all wearing similarly styled wings - one in pale blue and turquoise, one in gold and white, and two in maroon and black. We saw them walking about and conjectured that they must have had some adult help them spend an afternoon wingmaking together. What a lovely memory for them to all look back on some day.

Pretty leaf wings and I really like the red gothic bat style wings. Or maybe vampire style?

Either hand made or bought and then hand embellished. I liked the mixture of whimsical and woodsy.

These were much larger than the red, white, and black "French Fairy" wings that I made, but similarly made methinks. They were very big and very dramatic, I'm guessing these were her "dressy" wings - y'know, for special occasions.

And just when you think you've seen them all, here's another pair of wings Victoria brought home with her. Henna'ed wings. (she's not glistening by the way, she's got glitter lotion on her skin) I have no plans to ever get a permanent tattoo but if I was forced to get one, this really appeals to me. Maybe I'll get myself a henna pair next year. Or maybe I'll get them on my ankles, like Mercury (appropriate for a writer, eh?) so that I can enjoy seeing them for as long as they last.

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KayEllen said...

Hi Laume!
Amazing wings you captured at the festival!
I will have to show my daughter:) Really some great ideas for artistic wings...
So glad I stopped by:)