Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The box from my Sweet and Sinister Swap partner Joanne arrived yesterday. A box full of goodies - open it up with me!

First a card and some cute Halloween stickers.

Next a bag of large notecards with a Dia de Los Muertos design. I think she made this design and I'd sure love to know how she did it. It seems to "perfect" to have been done by free hand. Computer design? It's really cool!

More cards, two packets of a smaller note sized. I might use some of these in art projects. You can see how cool they look when you add a bit of color, like Joanne did on the written notecard she included. I thought it was appropriate and ironically amusing that the person who never remembers to include or send a card gets a whole box full of them! I guess my excuse days are over.

Next came a bag of Halloween candy. Like an early trick-or-treat stash. I already had to share the Reese's with the boy and the hubby. Well, I didn't have to of course, but I'm cool like that.

One of the things you were supposed to include was a bit of home decor. Well, this is definitely a home and decor both! What a cute little silhouette. I think it will look really spooky and full of haunted fun with a candle or light behind it.

Next, a tiny little tea pot tea ball. I have one that looks like a little house, but I didn't have this one. I actually bought it once for a tea loving friend, so it's nice to have one of my own now. I'll display it in my tea cabinet and I really do use my fancy tea things as often as I can manage.

And of course a tea ball works ever so much better with some tea inside it! A nice pure black tea - something I never remember to buy because I'm always led astray by the bling of an blend or an added flavor. But whenever I have a nice straight black tea - ahhhhh - I remember how good it tastes.

I plan to make this swap one of my regular Halloween traditions year after year. Thanks Joanne. I had a lot of fun both giving and receiving. I hope when you get a chance to open your box that I've managed to create some goodies that are just right for you.


Sandy Michelle said...

Awww, you got such fun gifts for the swap! Don't eat all those candies at once:)

Sandy xox

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I had fun in this swap too. This is my second year to participate. Thanks for coming by my blog too.

AmandaMay said...

wow that looks like fun! The house silhouette will be really neat with a tea light candle to cast big spooky shadows!

I hope you are able to take in the hotsprings! The springs around here aren't so steamy I think, but still good an sulphury! yum!

joanne said...

Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed your swap box! This was my very FIRST Sweet and Sinister Swap. I really enjoyed putting it together for you! Thank you for my goodies! I will be making a post!