Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The first day of Post Spooky and I'm coming in with a post rather late in the day. That's 'cuz I got to spend most of the day out taking spooky photos, oh yes I did! It was fun! (Oh, and I also got my other Sweet and Sinister Swap package in the mail - yah!)

I love starting out the Halloween season by going to the our local Wemple's Pumpkin Patch on their first open day, today. I went by myself so I could wander about taking photos and browse the gift shop without impatient family. We'll all be back again later in the month to buy our jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

They have the nicest gift shop, full of goodies, some they buy, some are local handmade items. All the items are always very reasonably priced and I always find something that needs to come home with me. I've left these photos in a larger format so you can click on them and see more detail of the decorations and decorating ideas.

The whole front room is filled with Halloween, Autumn, and Thanksgiving ideas.

The back room is divided, one half is "country decor", the other half is Christmas displays. Some folks might love to decorate in December too, you never know! I liked this skinny tree covered in green moons.

Did I buy something? Oh yes, I did. I found one great treasure. And a couple of teensy things as well, including a present for a friend who needs a smile. Am I gonna show you what I bought? Yes. Tomorrow. I know, I'm mean.

I also wandered around outside, it is a pumpkin patch, not just a pumpkin shop. Actually it's a huge working farm and they also grow hay and I think they run some cattle as well. To see some outside photos, fly on over (on your broom of course - unless you're a ghost, then you can just float over) and see them on Beach Treasure.


Lennon Studio Musings said...

wow, Laume, I want to go to that store!!

janet said...


I think I could have some serious fun at that store! I love that last pumpkin!