Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Leaves on the trees.

Leaves on the ground.

Leaves in the fir tree - already decorating it for the coming winter holidays!

Leaves in the air - about to become leaves on the Joli.

Lisa, Joli and I went to Chester for an warm autumn afternoon in the mountains. We had lunch, spent a bit of time in the shops, but mostly walked around enjoying the outdoors. We wandered a bit in the local farmer's market location. it wasn't open but there were remnants of what must have been a totally fun haunted festival.

A haunted bride riding in an old pick up truck.

A "bedroom scene". I have no idea if this bed was used as a display for fruits and vegetables or was dressed up as as something spooky, but I thought it looked pretty neat even in it's bare bones stage.

A spooky old chair.

A peek at an old metal candelabra. There were two of them that stood about four feet high. I bet they were used in a church. I didn't want to start moving them around to take a better photo, wasn't sure we were even supposed to be walking around in there when it was closed anyway. I would have loved to take these home with me. I'm sure they were not for sale, decoration purposes only.

I assume this Jack had something drapey on his body during the event but I liked him as a stick man.

A very cool plywood cut out.

There were lots more spooky props, not to mention lots of great old shabby furniture and "antiques gone to seed" but alas, my SD card was filled up at this point and it was time to grab some coffee and get on home before it got dark for the drive.

In the studio itself, lots going on. I'm cleaning and sorting because there's just no way to make art until I organize things enough to find everything or even access it, but making lots and lots of progress. In between watching the irascible grandbaby of course, who is interesting in investigating everything in Grammy's oh-so-not-babyproofed house. Meanwhile the muse has struck and Lisa is busy making beautiful art card invitations to the aforementioned child's upcoming second birthday party. Hopefully photos tomorrow.

And if you need more sweetness in your life, more photos today over at Beach Treasure, of the adorable Joli playing in the leaves.

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Shell said...

I love all the pictures especially The spooky old chair.