Friday, October 10, 2008

One of my Sweet and Sinister partners received and opened their box from me so I can finally share some (not all, since some of the things I sent to both partners) of the goodies I made for the swap.

I found this little calligraphy piece and frame in a thrift shop. My partner's name, perfect! I spray painted the frame black and and aged and spookified the print. I wish the aging part showed better but it's toned down by the glar of the glass. I also added a wee orange spider to the top of the frame. See him up there?

The little bucket was a last minute inspiration. I wrote the Halloween chant on the bucket and then thought - hmmmmm. I added the moss with the skeleton legs sticking out of it. Tiny roses climb around and up the bones. I need to find more of those tiny buckets and make one of these for myself.

Here's Rosie modeling the mobius scarf I made out of all sorts of black, white, and gray fun yarns. It's a little silly, a lot warm, and because it's a circle, well, a mobius strip actually, it can't slip out of your coat and get lost.

Whooooo's this hiding up there in the shadows of the maple tree? Why, it's Whooobert.

Even though it's the middle of the night (daytime) for him (I know how he feels!), he was willing to fly on over to the wreath so I could get a better shot of him and his soft black feet. He looks a little dazed in all that bright light!

The last thing I can show you is a wee little witch's hat I made to fit on this angelic little creamer dish I treasure hunted.

There were a lot of other goodies, but I have to keep those under wrap still. My other partner's package has arrived but she's out of town this weekend and can't open it until next week.


Dawn said...

First let me say, I love love LOVE that owl! How cute! I wish now I had gotten into the Sweet and Sinister, but figured I wouldn't have the time with my magazine deadlines and school schedule. Maybe next year. Secondly....yum, I love the idea of the gingerbread and applesauce. We just picked a basketfull of apples yet again today.

Good luck with the crafty time!

Altered Route said...

What great the bucket and might just have to figure out what I have around here to make one...everyone would get a kick out of it!

JulieZS said...

Those owls are adorable, I love all the textures and fabrics you've worked into them, very cool!

Linda said...

I LOVE Whooobert! I am having a time keeping him away from my Cockapoodle Molly, who looks up at him and whines- she has thought he should be hers from the moment I opened the box. The Linda print is just too perfect! I took it to work and put it on my desk...and how adorable is the teapot? The witch hat is the icing on the cake! Love you, Laume!