Thursday, October 02, 2008

I woke up this morning.... hey, it was still morning. I believe it was 11:30 am. And I didn't got to bed until 5:15 am, so you do the math, that is NOT sleeping in! Anyway, I woke up today to the sound of wind... well, the sound of the phone ringing. But then I noticed the sound of the wind. Through the window the clouds keep scudding between the sun and trees and off again and the world keeps turning back and forth between autumn bright blue skies and tossing green branches and stormy black and white. Just like tweaking a photo in my computer's photo program! They say a storm is moving into the area today and tomorrow. Which is totally awesome. Except for the driving and football game schedule part of it. But, we have to drive FIVE HOURS to the game, so maybe it won't be storming in that part of the world.

So, I promised to show you my goodies today that I bought yesterday in the Wemples Pumpkin Patch gift shop.

Here they are, all wrapped up. As you can see, a bat and some curious little mice gathered 'round to see what was inside. I even like the tissue paper - I can use the pretty orange colored tissue for crafting!

The little nice immediately gathered around the first thing I unwrapped, a candy corn ornament. There's a black bow on the top of it which you can barely see. Sorry, I didn't photograph it well. They were disappointed when they discovered it was plastic candy corn. Good thing they didn't try to nibble on it as it's a gift for a friend in need of a bit of sweetness in her life.

One of the mice thought this tiny seed ornament might be more tasty. Sad (for the mouse), it's fake seeds too. But very pretty for my tree. And you can see I bought a wee bar of their house soap - apricot vanilla - it smelled too good to pass up. And a tiny pumpkin, carved and gilded. I have a lot of gilded accents in my living room and thought this would fit right in.

Most exciting, meet my new raven friend! He's cast iron and weighs a ton! Here he is trying to make friends with my newly thrifted bat friend. Mr. Bat looks a bit wary, but I'm sure they'll be buddies before the day is over. Birds of a feather, flock... well, a bat isn't a bird. They don't have feathers, do they. So, well, I'm sure they'll get along regardless.

Doesn't he look great on this stack of books up on the shelf? I can't keep him here though. I just put him up there to take a photo. This stack of books tends to fall off onto the floor (actually, they fall onto the end table and couch) on a regular basis. Cast Iron Raven... or is he Cast Iron Crow?... would probably knock someone unconscious if he fell on your head. I'll have to find him a safer permanent roost. And a name. Poe? Caw? Blackie?

And now, if you want to see what I bought outside at the pumpkin patch, turn yourself into a raven (you can do that, right? Or a bat?) and fly on over to Beach Treasure to see my wagon load of tasty autumn treats. And check out the rest of the Post Spooky links over there too - we have new friendly ghosts on the participant list today.


Tess said...

OMG did they have any more of the cast iron Crows? We have that in common BTW. Crows and Ravens are my fav birds and yes I fly (journey) with them too. Also have a tatoo on my leg of a Raven NW Coast style. :) And my name is Kangiskawe (Lakota for White Crow Woman)

Lovely goodies you found!

Teach Only Love
Be Only Love

Walker Lady said...

Love the mouses and raven/crow...I keep meaning to get a raven or crow "statue" for the house. I see the old fashioned looking ones that are pin cushions perhaps? And want one. lol Those with feathers interest me too. Hmmmm, maybe I need ANOTHER project????

Susie Q said...

I love the crow but those mousies are calling my name!! I LOVE them!