Thursday, October 16, 2008

It was hubby's day off today. We have a standing lunch date every "weekend" - meaning his weekend, not the weekend. Tired of the same ol' same ol' amongst our town's offerings, we decided to drive up to the little mountain town of Chester, California, hoping to see some autumn color along the way. We were surprised that the color, even at the higher elevations, is still just starting to come out, but we did see some, and of course always lovely scenery.

The weather was nice enough to eat on the patio of our favorite lunch place and then hubby indulged me in a bit of shopping.

Next to the restaurant a building that used to be a fancy restaurant has been turned into a new store called Good Vibrations - Earth Friendly Products for Conscious Living. A fun place to wander in. This sign was a smaller version of their outdoor sign (which I forgot to photograph) hung behind the counter. I loved it. I bought some chocolate and a dragonfly which I'll have to show you later.

We also hit a paper and craft shop where I found some Halloween decorations at 50% off, a gift shop where we just browsed the pretty but expensive offerings, and the local quilt shop, Mountain Maid Quilters.

A cute gourd pumpkin lit with a small light, and check out the cute fabric leaves beneath it.

I wasn't the only one admiring this lovely red work quilt top hanging in the shop studio room.

Here's a close up of one corner. So sweet!

Very dramatic. It's lovely in pinks and yellows but I can really see this in autumn colors, can't you? Or in all sun colors for a solstice quilt? Or maybe in icy blues and silvers with a deep blue background, like the night sky?

I thought this was a nice bright alternative to a traditional autumn color combination. This pattern could be made in so many different ways, for every day decor or to fit various holiday themes.

Another cute winter themed quilt. I love the owl in the tree. I think the photo will be larger if you click on it, so you can see the detail.

You might be wondering if this post qualifies for a Spooky Post. Well, there was the pumpkin. And here's a wall full of quilts as well as a baby stuffed in the top - that's sort of creepy, yes? I haven't bought a lot of fabric in awhile. So I piled up a bunch of fat quarters and cuts off the bolt without much thought until the total was rung up. THAT was spooky too!

I just thought this was adorable. I don't know if this was purchased pre-made or if someone added the sequins. I loved the sparkly bright colors. It looks like a Mary Engelbreit but I don't know if it is.

Here's hubby and quilt owner Sharon chatting while she cuts some fat quarters for her well stocked shelves.

One more spooky - wish you could see this without the reflections through the window. Isn't this a cute pattern.

Nope, I was wrong. This is the last autumn themed photo. This is another shop near the quilt shop that had a colorfully decorated porch. What you can't see is that the autumn leaves in the trees surrounding the shop were just as colorful.

We also wandered about taking photos of autumn scenery, as much as there was so far. I'll give you a heads up when I put those photos up. In the meantime, check out some spooky pics over on Beach Treasure from a very unusual pub experience.


Natasha Burns said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a great weekend "off the beaten track". That redwork quilt is absoulutely amazing!

Mel said...

I love that bat pattern! and the last fall scene is wonderful! I'm imagining my self there!