Friday, October 03, 2008

My Sweet and Sinister Swap arrived today. I wasn't expecting it until at least early next week. Woohoo! I have two swap partners, one official one, one "unofficial". This was from my unofficial partner, Linda - funny woman, gifted treasure hunter, skilled photographer, and blog mom at Grace Filled Moments.

My Hubby was so cute, he insisted we photograph each step of the unwrapping.

Here it is, still wrapped and full of potential wonder. The box I mean, not my Hubby.

I cut open the wrapping - good thing I always do it carefully. The first gift was this wonderful harlequin design photo box. I've got a new fascination with the harlequin pattern, and I can totally use a sturdy box just the right size for photos. Practical beauty - the best!

I opened the lid.... and found a little bat standing sentinel. And a note. She remembered a note. Did I remember to include a note in my box. Uhm.... *Laume whistles***

Top layer, wrapped in a cute napkin, something in orange tissue.....

This adorable spoonful of sugary cuteness!!!! Will this look perfect in my kitchen filled with kitchen witches and old silverware? I think the answer to that would be - YES! (Linda, the little "Magic Wishes" came off but no big deal, I'll just glue it right back on!")

Next came a cute little pirate eye patch and some chewy black and orange wrapped toffees. Did Linda know I'm a member of a textile artist group and that we fancy ourselves modern day, kick a little ass (sorry, I had to swear, it's a pirate rule) fabric pirates? I don't think she did. But another direct score! I will admit the photo hubby helped me take, of me wearing the eye patch and tearing at the candy with an ARGHHH! face was so frightening that I am choosing NOT to share it. Us older pirates have good face days and not so good face days. I've done you a favor.

Next I found the cute little "X" and thought it was "X" marks the spot, for pirate treasure. But then I saw the "O" and decided I was getting a packaged hug and kiss. Plus this adorable crow. We've already firmly established how I have a fascination with corvids all!

The eye patch came in the cute little skull bag. Hmmm, no, wait. I think the cute buttons came in the bag. Great old buttons. And I had to look up what "gaffer's tape" is - it's totally cool with decorative white prose on black. I know it's going to find a perfect use in some future art project. I've never seen anything like it! And the teeny frame with a portrait of Poe - I think I can find a crow or raven that might be willing to hold him (there's a tiny ribbon) in their beak. And then it will be a perfect addition to my old printer's letterbox I use as a shadow box frame.

You have to know that from the adorable spoon on I was pretty much going "Wow! If all I got was this, I'd be totally happy!" Not, mind you, that I'm complaining about the booty.. er, bounty. Pirates like that in a friend. Uhm. That might not have come out right. I mean, I don't mind all the goodies, nossirree. Keep'em coming. And they did!

Let's see - a cute journal, a 2009/10 pocket calender. I think that was just a throw in but I can actually use one of these. We are a gargoyle lovin' family. And I haven't seen this particular one - he's a keeper! A package of alphabet brads, another great art supply inspiration. Some cute earrings - for some reason the black and white "peppermints" remind me of Nightmare Before Christmas. I, dang, forgot to mention that I don't have pierced ears. HOWEVER, I just found a bunch of old screw on and clip on earrings at the thrift shop and so I think I can take these down to my friend Shirley, the local bead shop owner, and she'll help me adapt them. A cute old fashioned candy bag (will be recycled in art work) and some lovely gift tags (which I don't have and often need to use). I pulled out the last object and exclaimed "Oh, a magic eight..... no.... just a regular eight ball. It's an eight ball." And then I just laughed and laughed as Hubby tried to figure out why someone would send me a single eight ball. I LOVE it. I don't even know why, but I do. Linda, you are a total kick!

I even took a photo of all the pretty tissue wrapping. Do other people save tissue and reuse it for gifts or collages? I know, great even all crinkled up - maybe even better that way. I know!

But wait, there's more!!!! I always have to say that. Just like an infomercial. Check out the sweet little witch's hat with the totally beautiful flowery bling on it!!! I think it's a straw gardening hat for when one wants to be out in one's magical herb garden. I have to find the perfect doll or creature to wear this lovely chapeau.

This is a stamp. Do you love these women? I can imagine a thousand different thoughts swirling around in their collective heads. More inspiration for new art.

Another too fantastic creation, an ATC. I was tempted to be the one in the back with the spider atop her hat, but I finally settled on being the one in the front middle. Who wants to be one of the other ladies? Which one do you want to be?

And finally, here's the napkin that everything was wrapped in. On this side it's black and sparkly. It could be used as a table display layer but then again I might just use it as a .... I know, unusual... a napkin. We always use cloth napkins in this household.

Whew. I'm tuckered out going through everything again. Did I get an amazing swap box or what!? The box was actually pretty small on the outside but inside it had Tardis qualities, stuffed with twice as many goodies as was humanly possible to fit in it. Or, was it just Halloween..... magic?

I gathered everything back up in (and by, couldn't fit it all back in) the box and I can hardly wait to get back from football tonight and start on my Halloween decorating. I want to find the perfect little vignettes for all my new lovelies. Thank you Linda, I loved it all.

On Beach Treasure today - a slightly more spooky Post Spooky post. (say that last part three times fast!)

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Susie Q said...

These treasures are to die for!!
You lucky devil you! : )

That stamp is a hoot!