Sunday, October 12, 2008

I promised to be back with news of how the weekend was going. So far, so good. Of course I want to report that I've done everything on my to-do list. NOT gonna happen. But I did make slight but satisfying progress.

Still wearing them - although that's gonna change in just a few minutes when I step into the shower!

I was so cold when I got up yesterday that I didn't want to get out of my black and gray skull and crossbones covered leggings. On a whim, instead I just covered them up with a big twirly black skirt and velvety black boots. I added a black and gray striped long sleeved top and another short sleeved black tee with a "Sweet & Sinister" candy logo (I know, just like the swap, how cool is that!) over that. I took a look in my full length bedroom mirror and thought I looked pretty damn cute. I also thought I looked a bit like I was wearing a witch's outfit. Well, I guess I was. They were my clothes. But you know what I mean. I wonder how people would have reacted if I had been out and about town yesterday? I should have taken a photo. Maybe I'll wear the outfit again soon and do both - go out to run errands in it and take a photo for you - and let you know how it goes.

I went out in the garden first, which you can read all about with lots of photos over on Beach Treasure.

Afterwards I came back in, donned my favorite retro orange and green apron, and spent the day in the kitchen. Yeah, I know, I would have loved to spend part of it in the studio as well. But there's just not enough hours in the day it seems. I did get a lot done. I installed our pretty new black and stainless steel microwave (the old one didn't work unless you pounded on the door. One or two pounds was fine but the last few weeks we practically had to knock it senseless before it started working), cleaned up a lot of little things that had gathered to be washed, did a bunch of laundry (washer and dryer is in the kitchen), made a fantabulous dinner fresh from the garden and....

topped it off making some gingerbread and serving it warm with the applesauce my neighbor Norma made from our apples and gifted me back with a tub of her homemade sauce. I had two big bowls of it last night and this third bowl this morning.

Now, off to shower and get ready for my date. Sam is stopping by on his way through the area on a work trip. I'm gonna have an early dinner with two of my favorite men, sons Sam and William.

Hopefully, the studio will echo with my footsteps tonight.

I think this qualifies as spooky - my kids would think it was spooky I was actually in the kitchen cooking!) Oh, and don't forget to go see the garden.

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AmandaMay said...

Great leggings. I think your outfit sounds perfectly fun!