Monday, December 15, 2008

I also received my box in the mail from my partner, Meo. Unfortunately she didn't supply me with an online link so I can't steer you to her "home on the web". I know her through a faery tribe group.

Since this was a Magical Yule Swap, I magically received a box that was just perfect for me! Instead of a decoration, I got an "experience" in a box - everything I need to feel warm and pampered on a cold Yule night. Or, any winter night! Click to enlarge the photo.

The homemade portion was not one but TWO new heating pads made out of a beautiful satiny dragonfly print. Meo, did you know how much I love dragonflies? And, I can't quite figure out what it's filled with - not rice, not flax. What is it!? It doesn't have the strong cereal smell of a regular heated pad. I made a bunch of flax pads years and years ago but Hubby and kids have spirited away most of them . I was down to one for my personal use and I was just thinking that I should make myself a couple more - so I didn't have to choose between warming my feet or my back or some other part of me. Now I don't have to and I can be warm and toasty all over.

Along with the heating pads, she also included a package of pumpkin scone mix, a package of chocolate chip cookie mix, hot cider and hot cocoa packages and a tin of tea from one of my favorite tea companies. (I haven't tried this one yet) To finish off the cozy mood there are two lightly scented candles to brighten the darkness. Whew! I have to admit I feel a bit guilty at all that bounty! But, not so guilty that I won't completely enjoy every warm, bright, delicious moment. Thank you Meo, I love my box.


Sarah said...

What a great gift!

Shell said...

Enjoy your bounty!!!

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

Can I tell you just how hard I am kicking myself - still - for not letting go and joining your swap? "too busy at work" "not clever enough" "too not something else foolish" Silly reasons for missing so much creativity and fun! I do so hope you keep this and make it an annual tradition!