Saturday, December 13, 2008

One ribbon

Many ribbons!

It's time for me to magically turn my one ribbon into many ribbons. Meaning, I have only one (or two) holiday tasks completed and I have to add many, many more ribbons (tasks) to the "jar of holiday fun". Or, maybe it's the other way around. I just came back from a week away to see my house looking more like the Many Ribbons photo and I need to clean it up and get it decorated with one pretty seasonal ribbon? Okay, so maybe I just wanted to show you two pretty ribbon photos that may or may not work well as an analogy for my life at the moment.

If you are clicking in on the Magical Yule Swap progress, I have heard back from all swappers that they received their packages. And because it is a magical swap, everyone seems to have gotten a gift they love. Including me. I finally got to open my box last night. I'm sorry Meo, I'm sooooo swamped, I'm gonna ask you to wait a wee bit longer before I gush over how perfect it was for ME. I also have to put off adding assorted photos and comments from others I want to share. ALL THIS will have to wait until later, hopefully just 'til tonight, because I got home last night and I need to jump into my busy life and start dealing with tasks that stretch to the horizon and beyond!

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