Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Now that I've gifted it, I can show you another project I finished recently, a photo book. When we were in Paris I loved all the carousels around the city and I photographed as many of them as we could find because I knew how much Joli loves to ride carousels. I thought I'd make her up a little handmade book. Instead I took advantage of a discounted offer through one of the online photo sites for a professionally made books but I still took the photos, designed the layout and wrote the text. It ended up taking exponentially more time than I had expected it to take due to a cascade of computer problems and issues with the company that, since they were resolved to my satisfaction (although only after many hours of e-mails - ARGH) I won't mention which company.

They also forgot to add the book title. Grrr.

But the rest of the pages turned out really nice. Now that all the arguing and frustration is behind me, I'm happy with it.

It couldn't compete with the immediate gratification of a Little Mermaid doll or a new tube of strawberry flavored chapstick, but I think once the glamour of a pile of new birthday gifts fades away, she'll enjoy looking at it.

She likes books a lot when there's not so much excitement in the house.

My fantasy is that someday I can take her to ride on the carousels themselves.

The French kids we saw were all so adorable, I'm sure Joli will look like a wee Parisienne right from the start.


Shell said...

A beautiful book. Joli will treasure this book for many years.

Laume said...

Thanks. Today we sat down together and read it through several times. Now she's happily flipping through the pages talking about the pictures.

chatelaine said...

Gorgeous book. What a thoughtful gift! She'll be able to treasure it for years to come.

Anonymous said...
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