Monday, December 08, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted since last week. Last minute (and I mean seriously last minute!), I packed a bag and drove twelve hours and here I am in San Diego visiting my sister, my daughter-in-law, and my granddaughter. My sister flew in from Ohio for a conference and I had this twelfth hour "DUH" realization that it's a lot easier to travel here to see her than to fly back to Ohio. So, not a lot of time online. But tonight is a quiet night. Lisa is decorating the tree with a lot of "help" from a newly minted two year old (her birthday was on Saturday).

I managed a stop at one of my favorite places down here, Summers Past Herb Farm. I wandered about the gardens for a bit and visited their soap shop and their big barn full of lovely things to buy. I indulged myself practically with some of my favorite scented bath and hand soaps and some jalapeno jelly.

They have a lot of faery supplies (as they have a faery festival for wee faeries each year) and they had this gorgeous faery tree sparkling in the barn. Isn't it wondrous! You can click to make the image larger.

I brought a small box of craft supplies down with me to fill in any down time but somehow I managed to forget several key supplies. Not a big surprise since I decided to go, packed, and was on the road in less than an hour. So, I went to Joanns yesterday.

I got bored waiting in line for my fabric to be cut so I took pictures of all the pretty colors.

More pretty colors. I only bought one spool of thread (brown), but I did get to pick out some colored embroidery thread and some really colorful yarn which you can see below.

Here's what I made today, a wee, rainbow rasta-haired faery for Joli. She picked out her own colors. The pattern is really meant for 3+ so I tweaked it a bit to secure the pieces more securely and Lisa can let her play with it when she's watching her until she's a bit older. I should have remembered to take a photo of it in the daylight but, oh well. You can still get an idea. Oh, and I totally spaced on how to make french knots. Seriously. I know they're easier than tying your shoelace, but for the life of me I couldn't remember. ARGH.


Sarah said...

Such a sweet little fairy! I love her rainbow hair.

Shell said...

Aw, I love your fairy doll!!