Sunday, December 14, 2008

I sent to Sarah in the Magical Yule Swap. Now that she's received my box I'm excited to show folks my little wintery creation. I had a few different themes fighting to be included - forest, faery, sparkly.

A couple of winter faeries, with the help of a little feathered friend, used ice and snow to decorate a tiny tree. I like how the real sun is peeking out behind the sun atop the tree.

This little fae is Snowflake.

Her icy friend is Crystal. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos that show their snowflake caps.

Even their powdery white friend has a snowflake cap.

They've covered the tree with glittery, icy, snowy decorations created from nature all around them. (If it wasn't representative of nature as it was all around me at the time I worked on this project, it certainly reflects how my nature is looking NOW!)

And of course since this is a Yule tree, it's topped with a glittery sun to help light the way through the longest winter night.

If you want to see more photos, you can see them on Sarah's post.

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Sarah said...

Hi Laume,
I love their names. Also I will replace the little bird's snowflake hat immediately-as you can see in my photo it is a bit askew!