Monday, March 09, 2009

I followed through on my "environmental art" challenge to myself. I wandered around outside and found a dearth of ideas springing up in my head. So I wandered some more. Until something did "spring" up.

I like how it came out, but I wandered a bit more, trying to stumble upon another idea. I have this elm weed in my flower bed. It'll have to come out. So I played with it a bit.

Ever wonder where lassos come from? Why, a lasso tree of course!

Also good for making bubble hoops. Hmmm.... maybe I'll try dipping them in bubble soap if it warms up more, and see how that looks.

This creating art out of nature turns out to be harder than I thought!

And then, I had an inspiration! Here's the series of thoughts that tumbled out of my brain - Lots of dried flower stalks still toppling about in the garden.... Waiting for spring and fresh flowers to appear.... No color.... Shades of Inspiration Flickr group theme this last week was "rainbow"....

And here's what happened when I connected the dots between them all-

Rainbow Flowers!

Did anyone else take me up on the challenge? Come on folks. Just something simple. I wanna see! Wanna see! Wanna see!!!


JulieZS said...

what did you do, paint the dried up flowers? Looks really cool, especially with that white snow as a background. We had ice on our windows this morning, does that count as winter?

Laume said...

There's no white snow as backdrop - that's just the dried flower stalks in the background. And yes, I painted them. William and his buddy walked through the yard while I doing it and Logan says to William "Uhm, why is your mother painting her flowers?" Just another confirmation that William's mother is WEIRD. LOL.