Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remember the link to Girrl+Dog I posted a while back about the Guerilla Knit Art Challenge? Or whatever it was called. I found out about it too late to officially participate, but it inspired me to do some guerilla art of my own.

I ended up quilting instead of knitting something. But it was the ideas of doing some piece of art and a) putting it up someplace public and b) releasing it to it's own fate that appealed to me. It was a very small thing to do but in this community where most people don't do odd things, it felt very brave and slightly scary. I was tickled with myself for ACTUALLY DOING IT.

So, let's pretend you're walking along the local biking/hiking trail along the river.

Your eye is caught by a flash of color in the faded winter palette...

You get closer... something is caught in the tree?

No, it looks like it's wrapped, tied into the tree. There's writing....

I hope this is the point at which people smile. Do a little tap dance or salsa, maybe a couple high kicks before moving on.

Maybe one more, a pirouette. A twirl to say "bye bye little heart!"

I wonder how many people have seen it? I wonder if it's still there? It's been there for several days now, maybe tomorrow I'll go for another walk, nonchalantly pass by the spot and have a look. It might look like a lonely spot in the photos, but a lot of people do walk by there, just not nonstop.

I have another heart stuck in my pocket, waiting for another spot. I've got a couple of location ideas but they have more constant public exposure so putting it up without being seen, I haven't figured out how I'm gonna work that yet.

Here's the link again, this time to the general Grrl+Dog blog instead of the single post. If you scroll down through the last two months posts, you will see lots of photos of guerilla knit artists.


Sarah said...

I saw that blog and thought it was a great idea too. Well done for doing it!

Shell said...

I love this idea of leaving art randomly for inspiration. What a cool heart.
There is an artist here in NYC called De La Vega. In the late 90's, he use to leave inspiring messages all over the city. I loved stumbling upon them. They always gave me a lift and a smile.

Anonymous said...

This is delightful!

The magic is in the work you put in, so it looks deliberate.. it has been PLACED there. That is what will make people dance!