Friday, March 27, 2009

Playing with my macro and supermacro....

This old red wagon has been being used as a planter on my front step for years. It sort of "emptied" itself over the winter, I think the bottom finally rusted out so badly that it all ran out with the rains and snow. Perhaps it's time to retire it. I love the old chippy reds though.

I had my lens within an inch of this spider but he didn't pay me a spec of attention. He was too busy trying to fight this little.... I don't know what this other bug is. I don't think it's a beetle. There are a ton of them in our yard and they seem pretty innocuous. Anyway, these two were really going at it and eventually the not-beetle guy decided it was in his best interest to find another spot to relax.

Spring is popping out all over my yard. This daffy was in just the right spot for the setting sun to set aglow.

We're busy moving things in the backyard, including our compost pile. Best way to eat organic is to grow organic. (Although the sticker came from a storebought veggie.)

I noticed an odd thing about my Lady de Guadalupe statue yesterday. Over the winter, her skin has turned GREEN. It's a lot more obvious in person.

On the other hand, perhaps it makes sense that MY statue would turn green. "I think I'll try defying gravity...." Lalalaaaaaa.

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