Friday, March 20, 2009

Isn't the purpose of a sign to SAY something????
What do you think this sign should say?

Still busy cleaning, working, decluttering the big outside and garage spots. UGH. But, progress is being made. A sad moment - I discovered some bins I thought were covered and safe.... okay, I was pretty sure they weren't, but they'd been sitting there for so long I'd forgotten what was really in there, I thought some old clothes - turned out to be filled with old and antique quilts and lace. They had gotten wet. And were mostly, almost all, completely mildewed and unsalvageable.

I tried not to think about it too much. I tried to think about how it was that much stuff I could toss instead of try to use or decide to pass on. Much easier if it goes right into the dumpster. But, oh, there's no way to let this pass without wishing it had been old clothes instead of such lovelies that were ruined.

I saved the sturdiest of the ruined laces and old linens and I've run them through the washer a few times. There's no way to stop the staining and holes but, if they don't completely disintegrate, I have a vague idea of perhaps using them. I guess I never give up on things 100%.

I have started on another pair of wristwarmers. Did I mention that? I had my heart set on a wine colored pair. But I didn't want to buy any new yarn, I wanted to use what I already had. I dug through my stash a second and then third time and my determination was rewarded. I found, if not the exact color I imagined, then very very close, several skeins of a deep burgundy wool in my stash. I got so much use out of my grey wrist warmers. I think this color will be the perfect alternate pair.


Sarah said...

That sign should say 'Beauty and Wilderness Beyond' or something like that. Never mind about the old lace and things-let it go as there is nothing you can do now. I did a similar thing in a recent clearout. I sorted fabrics and old clothes into rubbish, charity shop and pretty fabrics for school. They were all in bin bags-my fatal mistake and guess what-they all went in the rubbish! I have had to let them go because they are not coming back!

Anonymous said...
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