Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today I was gonna show you some more environmental art I made. (Not sure if Environmental Art works as a description. Hmmmm. Outside Art? Found Art?) But I've bumped the idea in order to give you a heads up on Mark Lipinski's championing of controversial quilt artists and Joann's playing censor.

You can read Mark's blog here or News Google him and/or his magazine and find out more about the controversy. I wrote a brief but appropriately snarky e-mail to Joann's telling them how I feel about censorship.

Fortunately this sort of thing tends to backfire on the stupid people. Apparently Mark is going to be getting a "Colbert Bump"! Be sure to watch tonight's show. And if you've never heard of The Colbert Show then, sigh, you really need to have someone help you push that big rock off of you.

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