Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mark's story didn't make tonight's Colbert. Maybe tomorrow night? No big deal for me as I watch almost every night. And you can catch every episode online after it's aired.

What's more annoying, I couldn't find the magazine. Our local Walmart usually carries it but this issue was gone - either they didn't carry it at all or it's sold out. I'm thinking it's probably the former. Although apparently the issue has sold out from the publisher. I'm sure I'll find a copy eventually.

I got that table full of paint and stamps and other art supplies set up in the living room. And....

that's as far as I got. I still don't have the images I want to use picked out. It's a LOT HARDER than I thought it would be! Maybe tomorrow I'll make more microscopic progress? Although, hey, I'm actually pretty happy with daily progress no matter how small.

And now I'm gonna make some Scottish oats and take it to bed with me. Perhaps a strange bedtime snack, but it's what I'm craving.

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