Friday, December 07, 2007

Some fun ways to waste time you should be spending more productively this holiday season.

Want to build your very own gingerbread house without all the expense and stickiness? Go here.

No snow in your front yard? Build yourself a snowman here. You can even call him Parson Brown.

You really don't want to miss a chance to Elf Yourself. Really. I was able to make William Elf DANCE with Mother Elf!!

Penguin bowling. Not as easy as it looks!

Not quite as peaceful as watching the white stuff falling outside your own window, but definitely a holiday online favorite. Make some snowflakes and share them with others.

Am I evil if this makes me laugh with holiday glee!?

An Advent Calendar for us eclectic folk who like to celebrate Everything (well, maybe not everything, but lots of things) and decorate Anything (that doesn't move?).


Lori said...

how fun!!! is this why your shopping isn't done:) tee hee...i am ALMOST finished, huge sigh of relief!!!

Birdie said...

I hope messing with the snow globe people doesn't make you evil because I liked it too;)

tamdoll said...

Another fun way to waste time? Reading crafty blogs! (and shaking snowglobes!!!) That was hysterical.