Thursday, December 20, 2007

Miss me? I've been busy with holiday tasks and I temporarily ran out of photo capability. No fun to blog without photos. I had insane visions of endless time to create and decorate this month and I anticipated lots of posts filled with pretty vignettes showing off all my efforts. SNORT!!! Obviously THAT didn't happen!

But, I have a few more photos of my tree I missed sharing in the last post so I can put those up tonight.

Here's another butterfly. Anything "airy" goes up on top of the tree. I already showed a bunch of angels and butterflies. There's also a little witch and a goddess in the photo. And today I added a few fairies. Oh, birds too. And I can't forget to mention the pretty stained glass ornament my sister made me when she was ... in high school still? Or was she in college already? Well, a LONG time ago, regardless. Now she's a university professor herself.

Here's a closer photo of the preschool photo decoration I mentioned before. Fuzzy unfortunately. You can see the top of a fireplace decoration my mom bought for us the first year we were all together as a new blended family. It's hard to believe that was nineteen years ago! You can also see Hagrid hanging out there on the right.

I tried to put my traditional tree topper, a lacey metal star, on the top of this fake tree but, as you can see, that didn't work very well. It's nice that the branches are bendable, it makes it easier to secure decorations on them, but it has it's drawbacks as well. I tried everything - bending the top branch to give it more strength, using multiple branches, nesting the star down a bit lower than the tippy top - nothing worked. So a good motto - be flexible. Maybe not flexible in the same way as this tree top, but you know what I mean. I decided the metal star will look great used in the mantel display, which I need to finish creating tomorrow, and I found a lighter, clear shimmery, plastic star that managed to stay upright atop the tree. It's perched a bit precariously, but knock on wood, it's upright for now.

I've been adding more decorations and I found the most adorable ribbon at the nursery the other day. I coiled it on the tree but I really need another "strand" of it. I'll call to see if there's any more available. Hopefully I'll get a photo for you before the end of the season.

In the meantime, I have one more photo of a floppy holiday topper to share. I found this at the local Walgreens. Whadya think? Is it me? It's definitely Susanville. I guess Santa might want to stop and do a bit of hunting between chimney visits? Or maybe he's decided to be a bit more pro-active about not being seen these days? Camo Kringle!

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