Monday, December 03, 2007

Look. Fabric.

And more fabric. And a snowflake. Just to give it a festive holiday look.

But that's all you can see for now. 'Cuz I'm making stuff. It's that time of year.

I made cookies. You can see those. I put photos on Beach Treasure. Now if you'll excuse me, my tea kettle is whistling. I'm off to get my tea, eat some cookies, and make more stuff.


Lori said...

that's a tease if i ever saw one...good luck on your projects:)

tamdoll said...

I didn't know where else to message back to you - but thanks so much for visiting my blog!! I don't really know much about the feeds - but it totally inspires me to have people leave me messages or stop by a table at a craft fair & give me comments and feedback - it's what keeps me crafting!