Monday, December 31, 2007

This isn't a decoration. It's my gift from my husband. I tried to make it a decoration because it was sooooo pretty, wrapped up not by my all thumbs husband but by my favorite gift shop. Don't you love the black and white paper? And the glittery ribbon and retro card!? I tried to hang on to it but the family forced me to open it.

Inside was a pretty new tea pot with matching creamer and sugar bowl. New tea set. The local tea room was closed. There was only one thing to do.

Set up my own tea party.

Isn't the green pattern pretty? And I've had this great little tea spoon for a long time, just sliding around at the bottom of the utensil drawer.

My new demitasse peppermint striped cup and saucers from Starbucks this year. They were on sale for $3 a cup. I didn't realize when I purchased them that they were so tiny. When I opened them up I figured they wouldn't be very useful but they'd still make great decorations. Surprisingly, they worked out just fine. You just have to pour twice as often, that's all.

I got to use my my ..... don't know what you call the little butterfly. It holds the little sponge under the spout and keeps drips from hitting the tablecloth. Not to mention, it's pretty too.

A tea cup full of starlight.

"This tea party thing is fun Papa!"

"And this tea cup is juuuuuust the right size for little ol' me. Slurrrrrp."

On second thought, it was worth opening the pretty boxes to find such a lovely afternoon stuffed inside.

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Priscilla said...

Hi, Happy new Year, I love the way you have wrapped the gift, I tried to get a bit creative with my gift wrapping also this year..... I love the tea set, very,very pretty... I love tea things.
The old spoon is just charing isnt it!
Thank you for sharing
Priscilla x