Monday, December 10, 2007

Because of hubby's constantly changing but usually night shift job, and because of my general Night Owliness nature, every once in a while I somehow manage to get myself into a completely upside down schedule where I'm going to bed when everyone else is waking up and waking up when everyone else is already halfway through their day. This is one of those times.

It's not like I want to start getting up in time for that worm (ewwww!) or go to bed before the sky is dark and quiet and splashed with stars. I like being an Night Owl. But it's too inconvenient to run completely contrary to the rest of the world. I've yet found a teacher willing to schedule a parent teacher conference with me at midnight. (well, except some homeschool "teachers"). So I'm trying to push myself back into a more reasonable schedule. It's tough. Especially this time of year when there's not many daylight hours to find.

All this babbling is just me stumbling toward my main point which is, I don't have any new decorations up to show you or more gifts or crafts or cookies made to brag about. I don't even have photographs of my thrift treasures taken yet, like I'd promised. Sorry.

It's not like I don't have anything accomplished. I've managed to take care of a number of boring ordinary tasks like buying groceries and finding a lost but important paper and necessary phone calls and errands and I even made dinner and showered a few times since I last blogged. (I usually manage to shower but that making dinner part is pretty amazing!)

On the holiday front, lots is going on. I've managed to bring all the holiday boxes inside the house. Now my house looks like a warehouse for Chaos R Us. The cats helped out this morning by tipping over several boxes that had particularly small and roll-able items inside them. The last couple of years I've been downsizing and organizing my holiday boxes so when I found six boxes out in the wild uncharted wasteland that is our breezeway, I thought things were looking up. Six boxes. Wow. That's completely do-able. Especially since I knew that one box was completely holiday dishware, another was only tree trimmings, and a third was all my tree "village" (really, more of a tree forest, since I collect the trees and not the village - but there are three quilt store porcelain buildings in the mix, so I guess it's a forest on the edge of the village). But then all the empty boxes that were on the top of the mess slid away and at least another six holiday boxes appeared. Oh dear. Well, I've got my work cut out for me.

Oh! I did get the giant outside candy canes out of the garage. And I carried them outside at dusk (traditional) in the freezing cold (also traditional) and flung them up in the tree - this year I have two types of candy canes so I flung them into TWO trees - all just in time to provide entertainment and amusement for the wee bit of commuter traffic driving by our home at that time of evening. And, I badgered the guys until they went out and put lights up on the front eave of the house. They refused to do it the first day I asked, when it was cold but at least dry and sunny. So instead they finally went out the following day, in the RAIN. When I brought the boxes in, I found six more boxes of outdoor lights to put up too - mwahahahaha. Don't get too comfy boys! I'll take photos of the candy canes. Promise.

Uhm. But not today. I haven't even managed to get started on my day and I can see the prettiest sunset outside my window. I guess it's time for breakfast.

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Lori said...

sounds like you are going to be VERY busy...can't wait to see the pics:) and how nice that the kitties are helping you:) :)