Sunday, December 30, 2007

And more holiday decorations.

I was going to drag my tomato cages out of the vegetable garden and use them upside down as trees, when I remembered these garden columns just hanging out forgotten behind a rose bush! I stuck them in and around pots on the front porch, added rusted tin garlands and lights, stuck some fake tree branches and botanical balls underneath (the branches were part of of an old tree and the thrift store gave me a whole box of them for free!) You can click on the photo to see the cute garlands better.

Here they are lit up at night.

I guess I did put a few teddies out this year. Here are two bears in a winter park scene atop the entertainment center hanging with a handmade "Waldorf" elf from my son Joe's childhood. The little red bird is a new addition I bought at the local nursery. He's so heavy, you could use him as a doorstopper! He'll stay out all year. My daughter-in-law commented at how real the green garlands looked. They are real, to make up for not having a real tree this year.

It's alway fun deciding what will hang from the dining room chandelier. Every year it's different. This year I went with an icy winter scene in hopes of luring some snowflakes out of the sky. The center colored decoration stays up all year, the icicles and stars were added. What you can't see, still need to get a decent photo of it, is there are snowflakes hanging in the window frame you see to the right.

My china cabinet was originally purchased to keep my fairy figurines and witch doll collections safe from cats. But it ended up in the dining room filled to the brim with all my tea cups, tea pots, and nicer breakable dishware. The only thing added are the peppermint stripe demitasse cups and the garland of glittery reproduction Santa images. My grandson Joshua was sitting at the table eating cereal one morning while he was visiting when he pointed the garland out to me and explaimed "Santa sure has a lot of brothers!"

I've shown you glimpses of the tree but here it is in it's entirety. I LOVE this ribbon. You can't see from this far away but it's a velvety red wired ribbon with gold glitter edges and tiny gold glitter polka dots all over it. It appears opaque during the day but at night it's just sheer enough for the lights to shine through and make it glow.

At Halloween I showed you this shelf covered in witches. For Yule it's sporting a collection of snowmen (and a couple of glittery Santas snuck in there as well.)

If you'd like to see photos of people instead of things, I have some family pictures up of the holidays over at Beach Treasure. Mostly grandkids, which I think are just as decorative and even more adorable than snowmen and teddy bears!

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Priscilla said...

I love your tree, how pretty! I have enjoyed viewing your photos,
see you again soon
Happy New Year
Priscilla x