Friday, December 28, 2007

Finally getting around to adding some more photos of my holiday decor.

Celebrating the return of the sun.

The top frame has rosemary and stars. I bought these at my favorite decorating shop in town, La Belle Maison. They were supposed to come with mirrors but were apparently shipped alone so they sold them "as is" for a great price. Originally I'd planned on putting photos inside them but they are deepset and it's more fun to add different seasonal items. This summer they had silk flowers and fairies perched in them. In autumn they were off the wall while I painted, but you get the idea, I could put dried leaves or old postcards or whatever piques my interest.

Ha ha, you can see some of my kitchen wall is still painted in camo style - I was trying out assorted green paints and haven't painted the kitchen yet, although I did decide on a green and finished up the dining room walls already. This display is up all year, I added the little snowman and the tin stockings for the holidays.

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Priscilla said...

Hi, You have some beautiful decorations! I hope you dont mind but I would love to add you to my favourite blog list on my blog! I really like the ornate sun decoration and the other above, you look to have a truly welcoming home......

Priscilla x