Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm really loving my holiday mantel. If you want to see the details, click to open the photo.

I was going to re-hang the large mirror I had over the fireplace but took down so I could paint, before I decorated the mantel, but I forgot. I like how it ended up gold against gold with just a touch of red though. Although, it needed... something. I could see a banner of some sort. Too bad I can't wiggle my nose like Samantha and have instant art. I'm seeing a banner spelling out "Y-U-L-E" in reds and more gold. Unfortunately my nose seems to be out of order so I found this forgotten sign in the garage and the unexpected rustic blue seems to do the trick.

Although I don't have a nose wiggle, I did manage to come up with some new wiggle room in my photo storage, so - YAH! New photos possible. I'll take some more tomorrow daylight when the lighting is better.

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amy said...

Looks great. Hope you had a merry yule!