Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This week I'm busy trying to finish up the outfits we'll be wearing at Faerieworlds this weekend. I haven't taken photos of everything I made yet, but yesterday was all about wings. I'd made the wire frames the night before and then tried out different ideas on how to cover them, taking into account I had only so much time to finish them in, until I found something I liked.

Here's my first attempt.

It's not what I set out to do originally. I liked my complicated design but it was the wrong thing to start with as there was a learning curve - each set was easier as I learned techniques that worked. But these wings are for a French Faerie outfit and I want it to be sort of whimsical and feminine and a teensy bit exaggerated, so I'm happy with how they turned out. Now that I've had a little more practice, and if I had more time, I think I could do my original idea for these wings - maybe next year.

Next I covered these wings.

These are for a woodland autumn faerie outfit. I wanted them to be simple and dragonfly shaped. I ended up making them leaf shape instead which worked better for hanging and for the colors in the rest of the outfit. I found this fabric at a big fabric warehouse and it was perfect for these wings, having a leaf vein sort of raised pattern and a beautiful shimmery copper color.

Next came these.

Originally I was simply going to wrap the outer frame of these with a larger stiff wire covered in black feathers, but the feathers were too large to play nicely with the shape. I'd bought an oversized shirt at the thrift shop that was made of a stretchy black tufted fabric, thinking I might cut it down for the top for this outfit but I ended up using a velvet tee instead. So I cut the fabric from the back of this shirt in the shape of the wings, slightly oversized, and stretched, pinned, and hand sewed it to the wire frame. At first I didn't know what I was doing but as I went along I figured it out and it went more quickly than I expected. I had to go back and redo the first wing a bit where I'd been learning how to do it.

Then I used this soft feathery boa (a thrift shop find) to trim the top edge and make those dangly tips.

Not wings, but I also made this for my granddaughter.

Storebought wings I found while on vacation. I had to order the red onsie online as it's virtually impossible to find a plain kid's tee without some cartoon character or Disney princess painted on it. First I added the little white roses but then I thought the pom pom trim went better with the polka dot skirt so I added it, didn't bother removing the roses. I figured faeries love extra embellishments. That and I was too tired to bother. And I made the skirt by cutting the tulle into six inch strips twice as long as the length and then just overlapping them around and threw the elastic waist. It seems a bit overly floofy but I'm always underestimating how much my granddaughter has grown - I followed the measurements for waist and length that my daughter-in-law gave me, so we'll see. I'm bringing a scissors with me in case I need to trim it up a bit.

Tomorrow all that's left is the packing, but there's a lot of it to do. If I have any time left, Hubby has asked me to make another pair of wings for him too.

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