Saturday, October 03, 2009

Been busy with family and football (that's the nature of the season), so just another quick post sharing some more of the goodies I brought back from my trip. I had to laugh when I did a quick scan of the photos because, although I'd chosen to share these particular things for their seasonal spooky quality, they're all things I plan to display or wear all year round. I'm just a spooky girl at heart.

IMG_9397 by you.

I have a growing collection of crows, blackbirds, and ravens around the house. I seem to find one on most any trip. This one, with the uplifted wings, was quite unique. Here he is looking down from a high book shelf. He's standing near the last remaining tower from a paper castle William made in his childhood. I wonder if I have a photo of the entire castle tucked away somewhere.... hmmmm, I'll have to look for it.

IMG_9393 by you.

Some crafting supplies I picked up while shopping for the yarn I shared already. Aren't those keys fantastic!? And the little Halloween charms. The other charms in the top left were actually purchased by Hubby. I'm sure he'd share one or two of them with me if I needed them. You can't really tell there's a package of silhouette confetti up there in the right hand corner. And where do you think the little sign would look best hanging?

IMG_9392 by you.

Another collection we like to bring home from our trips, something "round and breakable". It all started with me buying art floats for Hubby. Sometimes the "round and breakable" thing isn't a glass float, but this time it was a lovely orange float we stumbled on in a charity shop in Sonoma.

IMG_9394 by you.

Who expects to find a quality silk and rayon scarf at a Halloween store!? This is an Emily Strange scarf in a spooky cobwebs and cats motif. It was even half price. Some people might consider this only suitable for October but I will definitely wear it all year round.

IMG_9396 by you.

And MORE scarves!!!! I dug a dozen out of a $2 each bin and whittled it down to these four. If I'd had more time, I'm sure I could have found more. One can never have too many scarves. Right?

That bin of scarves was inside an amazing shop we discovered in Sebastopol called the Aubergine Vintage Emporium and Cafe. You could wrap an entire vacation around this incredible shopping opportunity as the main destination. And when you're done with your day of shopping, they have a cafe and live entertainment at night. We didn't have a lot of time, so I had to choose between taking photos and shopping. Except for this photo of the fun "statue" outside the store, I chose to spend my time pawing through the merchandise and trying things on. (I do wish I'd managed to take a photo of their cool dressing rooms. I can't even explain them. You'll just have to go check'em out yourself.)

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Julie ZS said...

Great scarves! Really love the spiderwebby one. That car statue is hilarious!