Wednesday, October 07, 2009

IMG_9508 by you.

A couple photos I took recently. The first was at the local Little League field. I think originally it said "Use Trash can". But I liked the message it became even better. The second one was in a shop in.... Petaluma. Had to think there for a moment. Aren't those doors just amazing. Don't they look like they came off the back of a gypsy wagon?

I've spoken many times about my love affair with found art and ephemeral art and trash art, refashioning and reusing and recycling and so on and so on. Well, it turns out that there's a name for all that in a big ol' green pile - Eco ARt. Or Green Art. Or Environmental ARt. Take your pick of labels. But y'know, I never really looked at it that way before. I just like.... old stuff.

So last night I was flipping channels and there on the Sundance Channel was a show or special or series (I went to the website and couldn't quite figure out which it is, although there's all sorts of links to assorted artists and articles - so go there too, and click away) about Green Artists. It was completely fascinating. It made me want to race into my studio and start MAKING ART. Of course it was 3 am so instead I shut down the house, mosied slowly into my bedroom, and read a book instead. But still. I'm still feeling fired up today.

Some more photos, slightly sinister, I took on my walk.

IMG_9534 by you.

a gust of ghosts

IMG_9506 by you.

a creeping of creatures

IMG_9475 by you.

a dying of dreams

IMG_9483 by you.

a whisper of wasps

IMG_9541 by you.

a spine of sorrow and stones

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