Friday, October 30, 2009

The thrift shop down the road from me hangs clothes out on their fence to let people know when they're open. Usually it's something for kids or some old lady type sweatshirt, but yesterday there was an intriguing black and white floral tee flapping in the wind. I stopped to check. I figured the odds were it wouldn't be in good shape or in my size. But it was. So, in a hurry, I dashed in to pay for it. But, on the way in, I spied this hanging over the entrance railing.

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL! Faery ball material, oh yes! It says it's in my size but I have my doubts. The waist is teeny tiny.

No matter. I can cut and snip and do all sorts of Cinderella things to it. Sans helpful mice and birds of course. It's not really the lavender color of the first photo. And it's not really as pink as in this flash photo. It's more of a very dusty rose.

Here it is hanging straight.

It has three layers of tulle - two of rose and one of this greenish gold.

The seam is split (but not ripped) in the back and the dress had spaghetti straps that have been cut in half. So the price for all this voluptuous girly frou frou? TWO dollars.

Tra la la!!!!!


Julie ZS said...

What a Score! Can't wait to see how you transform it Laume.

Kathy said...

Hi Laume!!!

Thrift shops are becoming my downfall...walked into Goodwill to look for a salt shaker (to put flowers in) and they had all their clothing 50% off. Can you come felt all the men's sweaters I scored?

your old halloween swap partner Kathy

Sophia said...

I think you found a SUPER dress! I LOVE IT! :)

Happy Halloween.

Elizabeth said...

Such enchanting dresses!

Carmen said...

It is lovely, the floating looks and the color!
i love it!!!!

sinnlighet said...

I love love love this wonderful dresses!

Peace & Love

Agneta from Sweden