Monday, October 26, 2009

I just finished reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. Shudder. Scary! What a great book. It always amazes me how we think we know references to cultural stories and references, but we really don't, until we go to the source. (uhm, don't even get me started on how often I am startled to find I know more about Biblical references than most Christians who quote it to me - but that's another post for another time. Or not.) So, what was I ... oh yes, Dracula. I'd never even watched any of the Dracula movies from start to finish. So I read the book expecting... nothing. I always forget, between dips into the past literature, how much I enjoy a good gothic read. Or a new gothic read (Have any of you read The Thirteenth Tale?)

One of the surprises in the book, to me anyway, is how little of the story actually takes place at Dracula's castle. Most of the time the plot unfolds in England!

Unlike most literary or film vampires of contemporary times, who seem to be misunderstood and are often "Bite me!" sexy, Dracula was evil, scary, NOT someone you'd ever want to invite over the threshold. Unlike Edward or Spike or Eric or (insert vampire of your choice), Dracula was not a potential boyfriend or even someone you'd consider having a one-bite-stand with some impulsive evening.

But if the vamp himself was unappealing, the whole Gothic presentation of the book was very appealing indeed. Made me want to remake my living room into a Victorian library or sitting room and start wearing corsets and consider taking up fainting as a seduction technique. Well, maybe not the fainting.

Just recently someone on my Twitter feed posted this link for coffin couches. I liked this one, as well as the black one with green trim in the site's gallery of images. Classic black. Or do you prefer one of the more cheerful colored ones?

Кухня 8

Of course, feeling sort of under the weather (like Lucy or Mina were, although mine was caused not by blood loss but by a nasty little cold bug), I had time to surf the net for all manner of coffin inspired decor. Coffin cabinets, coffin coffee tables, coffin beds, even coffin pool tables!

And then branch out and search "goth decor", or "gothic decor", or "vampire design", and so on, until your eyes turn red with staring at the computer screen. There's so much out there it's practically become mainstream!

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