Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's frustrating to keep coming back here and having no new art to share. Especially since I've been itching to play in the studio. But I've been swamped with Other Life and I can't even complain, it's all been good. I've been doing some creative technique reading, I'm carrying my camera around everywhere after a few weeks of being in a photographic slump. It's not that I'm not feeling creative, I'm just not able to translate that into studio time.

But I do, finally, have some photos to share of some of the art I bought at Halloween and Vine. I'm just now unpacking my bag of goodies.

I loved most of the pieces brought by Nancy's Metal Art. I grabbed up this simple metal crown. She also had some fancier crowns. I wish I'd brought home one of those as well now, but at the time I was trying to spread out my spending so I could get at least a little something of my favorite affordable things. Many things were, realistically, out of my price range but I'm happy to report that there were others who were happily willing to spend lots of money on real art. Yay for supporting artists! I'm just happy I can afford my small contributions.

I tried the crown on this week's birthday boy. It's very heavy. If it fell and landed upside down on someone's bare feet, trust me, we're talking impalement.

I'm not sure where it will finally end up, I'm thinking the garden, but for now it seems happy atop one of my many balls.

I also brought home this metal raven. At first I was going to buy one that was on a garden stake, but I liked the flexibility of being able to place him atop a flat surface inside or out. Sorry about the fuzzy silhouette. I always end up taking my photos in less than perfect lighting.

IMG_9800 by you.

Here's another shot of him, the flash isn't flattering, but you can sort of see the great metal surface detail. Plus, I know that at least half my readers will spend time trying to read all those titles. Who am I to deprive you of the opportunity.


The last thing I bought at the show was this bracelet from one of my favorite booths - Edgar and Edgar. It was down to three possibilities and this one came home with me. It's really too bulky to use as a bracelet. I'm planning on turning it into a necklace and simply displaying it between opportunities to wear it. The images are glued, sealed, and lazer cut on some heavy backing. There's a lot of work in the making. Perfect for cemetery lover me! The artist, Kimberlee Edgar, also gifted both Hubby and I with big spooky bars of dark chocolate. Clearly a woman after my own heart.

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Jo said...

Kelley Armstrong AND Laurell K. Hamilton?

I'm impressed by your author choices XP

(the crown is beautiful, stalking your blog from the QC group)