Thursday, October 01, 2009

The first day of posting spooky was sort of a frustrating one for me I'm still having internet issues and couldn't get online to post this last night. I also couldn't check my mail, hubby couldn't contact a friend, I couldn't check my ebay page, buy some pants online, and William couldn't do his research for a paper. The cats and Rosie aren't big internet users, but the rest of us are and I'm fit to be tied at having such sporadic service. But, let's move on....

I've got lots to share, as I get photos uploaded. Here's just a peek at some random spookiness.


My big splurge at Halloween and Vine (which was wonderful, more about it in another post another time) was this gorgeous leather crown by Monique of Mythica Masks. I love masks but can't wear them because of my eyeglasses. So a crown is just the thing. This owl called to me (hooted?) the moment I saw it. Night owl to night owl, we bonded. I tried to buy a smaller, more practical leafy headdress with a crescent moon but heart won out and owl came home with me. This photo doesn't really give it justice. I'll have to to create an outfit especially to highlight it for next year's Faerieworlds and in the meantime it will be beautiful art just being on display (someplace high, owls like high, and it will be out of the cats reach).

IMG_9384 by you.

The rest of what I have to share are goodies I bought to make things - fell in love with this retro looking paisley in deep, rich, autumn tones. I bought enough to make a skirt with the border along the bottom and extra for a scarf or two.

IMG_9383 by you.

These shredded lovelies were in the Halloween fabrics. Ooooh, totally awesomely, bizarre. It also came in gray, very zombie. Not sure why I didn't grab that colorway too. It didn't call to me at the time like these two did. But now I wish I had. Dang. It was pricey though, even on sale. So, I have to be good and use this up before I can justify buying more. (LOL, that's so funny. Like I often actually do what I tell myself to do and not buy fabric for no reason - ha! Good one!)

What am I making with it, you ask? Ah, you'll have to wait and see!

IMG_9382 by you.

The fabric on the left is a quilting cotton. It's the center fabric in the one and only quilt I ever made for myself. A quilt everyone seems to want for their own. I didn't have any more of the fabric left, so finding it (it's a rather old print), I picked it up so I could include a bit of it into any new Halloween quilts I make for friends or family.

The heavier cotton on the right has very blingy silver writing and I'm thinking BAG.

IMG_9381 by you.

JoAnn Fabrics - $1 rack. Thought they'd come in handy for paper play.

IMG_9380 by you.

I seriously have more ideas than time. But since I don't have much selection in town, I grab things when I get a chance when I'm traveling in areas with more shop density. The white and black skeins were what started it all, I need them for a specific project. Just need to make myself a pattern to use and get the project that's still on the needles I need finished and off.

The green/blue skeins in the back - they had a sample square knitted up and it made a very creepy, drippy, blendy Frankenstein sort of pattern. Maybe if my brain wasn't totally firing on scary right now, I would have used different adjectives - pretty, oceany, dreamy - but creepy sold it to me. I'm not sure - scarf? hat? wristwarmers?


Today was a thrift store score day extrordinaire. I even discovered a new thrift shop has opened in town. More to share later. But just this one bit - I found this black and orange shawl. They'd marked it down to $1 because there was a small hole near one end, which also had a bit of wear. I didn't mind as I thought it would make a great tablecloth or table display cover. But then I wore it around all last night and even brought it to bed with me to cover my shoulders while I read, so I guess I'll use it as a shawl after all, raggedy or not. It would look great with a black outfit. And a matching black and orange chihuahua.

IMG_9386 by you.

Last but not least, here's Onyx. He's our cat that our daughter left with us years ago and we didn't know he was feral. It was almost a year before he came out into the same room as the rest of us, longer before we were allowed to touch him, and years more before I could safely pick him up. He's still a bit spooky. Here he wants in but his requirements are beyond ridiculous. The door has to be completely wide open. No chihuahua or other cats can be blocking the way within site of the door on either side. The person holding the door open must not be standing IN the door but flatten him or herself against the wall behind the door to the best of their ability. If possible it should be ME holding the door and not Hubby. And not looking at him. No cars can be distracting him by going by on either street. Yeah. Sometimes my patience wears out and I leave him out. Though he's a beautiful, if silly cat.

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Julie ZS said...

Oh my goodness that owl crown is terrific! I know what you mean about masks, I love them too, but with glasses...just doesn't work. I think you've got some great fabrics there too and I can't wait to see what you make out of that distressed fabric. We have a spooky cat like yours too, if he actually decides to comes in, we're all very surprised and try not to love him up too much and scare him off again.

Faery Victoria said...

A silly cat that scares (scared?) me by siiting on the window sill and making non-cat noises during true Blood!! Aaah! Love the owl crown!! And the shawl suits you perfectly! Oh I miss Rosie! Glad your having a good thrifty start to october! Yay for a new Thrift store!!!